Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nazira Jumblat

Nazira Jumblat is the mother of Kamal Joumblat the assassinated druze leader, she presided in palaces and social events and occupied a leading position in a male dominated, conservative and closed religious society. She played a significant role in Lebanese politics during an important period of Lebanese history. She was a prominent druze figure, her activities exceeded the social level and soon enough she was vital for the druze community.

May Chidiac, the free journalist

May Chidiac is a Christian Lebanese journalist. She was seriously injured on September 25, 2005, by a car bomb in Jounieh, Lebanon.
Chidiac works for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, where she is a television anchor. She was usually critical of Syria, which until April 2005 had stationed troops in Lebanon. On the day she was nearly killed, she had hosted a talk show in which she voiced fears over further violence ahead of the UN report on the death of Rafiq Hariri.

The bomb which nearly killed her was a one-pound device detonated as she got into her car. Her left leg below the knee was blown off and her hair and clothes were set on fire. She was said to be in stable condition following the amputation of her severely injured left arm. The blast was one of a series of bombings in Lebanon targeting Christians and critics of Syria, in which one other prominent journalist, Samir Kassir, and anti-Syrian politicians including George Hawi and Gebran Tueni, editor and publisher of the daily newspaper, An-Nahar, have been murdered.
On the 25th of November, May appeared on TV, defiant, smiling and promising a return to her job.
She is now in France to continue her treatments. France has long had good relations with Lebanon.

On the 27th of January, 2006 May announced her candidacy for the vacated Maronite seat in Lebanon's Baabda-Aley by-election in a televised interview.
On 3 May 2006, UNESCO awarded the UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize to May in recognition of her courage in defending and promoting freedom of the press.
The Legendary Fairuz

Born in Beirut, Fairuz (Nouhad Haddad) is one of the most famous singers of the middle east and a legend in her own time. From her early childhood Fairuz displayed a natural flair for singing.
Fairuz performed in most countries around the world and was known for her songs about love, Lebanese patriotism, peace, traditional poetry and religious hymns.

During most of her singing career, she was part of a three-member team which included the two Rahbani brothers, yielding smash records and performances month after month. They became the most famous and dominant music production team of their time, as they spread beyond the Arab World and into Europe, the Americas, and Australia. Assi her husband composed the music and his brother wrote most of the lyrics and poetry. Their youngest brother Elias also worked on the musical composition and later took after his oldest brother when he fell sick and continued the composition for Fairouz.

During the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990), Fairuz never left Lebanon and never sang inside it because it pained her to see the Lebanese killing each other. That didn’t prevent her from working non-stop on the international level where she had several tours and concerts in almost every country of the world.

She held huge, record-breaking concerts throughout the world in the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s. She kept on recording with the trio team of her son Ziad Rahbani, his friend Joseph Harb, and Philemon Wehbi and the smash hits kept rolling in as strong and continuous since 20 years before.

She has sung about 1500 songs and sold about 80 million units of records around the world, but what remains her greatest achievement in terms of vocal performance and talent are the Orthodox Great Friday Prayers that she recorded in 1965 in Lebanon and then again in 1985 in the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral in France, both live performances in churches. Her voice simply transcends the human hearing range and nature to reach an ethereal state that takes the listener beyond a mere hearing experience. Any one around the world who has the chance to hear her holy prayers, no matter what religion or sect, has the chance to experience heaven on earth, or at least to know how an angel’s voice sounds.

Fairuz, a woman that lifted Lebanon way up high, and her voice continues to echo in the Cedar's Land, she gave the Lebanese hope in times of war and joy in times of peace; through her songs she carried the Lebanese cause to the world and continues to sing...as Fairuz is the Lebanese ambassador to the stars.

strong Lebanese Women

to every lebanese woman that lost her son, her most beloved her friend, her hero. bows of respect and appreciation.

to every Lebanese woman that was oppressed, humiliated, beaten, and underestimated.

to every Lebanese woman that suffered during the war, but still managed to hold on to her family.

to every woman that loves her country and proudly expressing it.

to the woman that always carries the lebanese flag in her heart.

to every lebanese mother

....i dedicate this blog